September 6, 2016

Dishcloth #12: Pearl Brioche

Peal Brioche stich. Knitted Dishcloth pattern #12 from
Materials used
Yarn: Schachenmayr Catania Grande. It is a worsted weight, 100% cotton yarn. Made in Hungary.
Needle Size: 4.0mm.
- K, P: Knit, purl.
- Sl: Slip.
- YF SL 1 YO: Yarn forward Slip stitch yarn over.
- BRK: Brioche knit.
YF SL 1 YO: Bring working yarn to front under the needle, slip 1 stitch purlwise, bring working yarn over top of needle to the back. This produces a yarn over that crosses over the slipped stitch.
BRK 1: Knit the stitch that was slipped in the previous row together with its yarn over. Because the yarn over wasn't counted as a separate stitch on the previous row, no real decrease is made.
Video tutorial on how to knit the Pearl Brioche stitch
Cast on 34 stitches. (using crochet cast on if you would like it to match the bind off edge).
Row 1: Knit.
Row 2: Sl 1, k1, * yf sl 1 yo, k1; repeat from * to end.
Row 3: Sl 1, * brk 1, k1; repeat from * to last st, k1.
Row 4: Sl 1, * yf sl 1 yo, k1; repeat from * to last st, k1.
Row 5: Sl 1, k1, * brk 1, k1; repeat from * to end.
Repeat Rows 2 through 5 for desired length.
Bind off.

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